Thank you so much for another wonderful course. I don’t think I have used my brain cells so much before.

MD Devon

I am hearing impaired and everyone has done their utmost in enabling me to fully participate both in class and when socialising.

Life Writing Residential Course – March 2018

I did it Chrissie!
My first book CHILD OF THE HEATHEN a supernatural horror story, was published on September 1st 2017, by Rogue Phoenix Press. Ebook and paperback from Rogue Phoenix Press, Amazon, Amazon.co.uk and Barnes and Noble. Thank you Chrissie


Lucia Carter Keates Derbyshire

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that a play that I wrote is having a prepared reading with professional actors at ‘The Space’ in London! I would never have even got back into writing if it hadn’t been for Denman and your retreat so thank you!

PS Suffolk

The course tutor, Chrissie Hall, herself a published writer, was disarmingly brilliant at helping us strip away our fears, anxieties and confusion about what we wanted to do with our writing.

OM, Herts

Stage play ‘Number 17 – 100 years of a Borrowash house’ – a sublime effort and a truly wonderful result.

HS Director. www.unexaminedlives.org

Your leadership and support were amazing and you knew how to get the best out of everyone.

RH Derbyshire

It’s been brilliant – loved it all.

LO – Avon

Rarely have I enjoyed a course more than Chrissie Hall’s Life Story Writing Workshop. It was fascinating to share other people’s life experiences and to see the photographs and other mementos which we’d been asked to bring along. The writing exercises which Chrissie set us were so enjoyable that every time I found myself longing to write more, almost frustrated when moving onto the next section of the workshop – but ultimately finding each part and its accompanying exercise equally as inspirational! I’m sure the entire group would agree that Chrissie Hall’s course was well-planned and enthusiastically delivered; original and entertaining. We discovered that it didn’t matter that we weren’t famous : that we all have tales to tell, and that we all have tales to write.

CK – Derbyshire

I really appreciated the course and marvelled at your ability to make us all ‘gel ‘ together so quickly. There were some quite personal feelings brought out into the open and I know I found it quite cathartic to talk about the family things, Since I returned everyone has been saying I look more relaxed, so I’m sure the break did me good, and your course was not just educational but also just the therapy I needed.

I.C. – Bournemouth

Typing my stories out has recaptured the magic all over again – the week was an oasis in the midst of busy reality. The time of year, the beautiful weather and the lovely grounds created a perfect backdrop for your excellent course.

M.S. – Devon

Thank you once again for a super few days – it was as much fun as I hoped it would be – and more.

E.W. – Cheshire

… you planted the seed, the idea that I could write about these things, by making me feel safe.

V.H – Cambs.

Just to say that I really did enjoy the course, I learned such a lot, and had much encouragement from yourself…

A.D. Shepton Mallet

Thank you for making this course such fun, and for inspiring me to put pen to paper.

D.G. Teeside

I really enjoyed your inspirational teaching. I intend to write more regularly.

P.D. Leighton Buzzard

You were brilliant Chrissie. I’ll never forget you ….. Thanks for everything.

H.H. Sussex

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful experience. I hadn’t written for over 20 years and even then had only written for myself, only my parents had read my work. I worried all the way down on the train that I had no plot or story or character. You have taught me so much and have been a huge inspiration. The story has come out of my pen, it may be predictable and cliched but it has come out of my pen, which is more than I had expected. This group has been amazing and I will keep this experience with me for ever. Thank you.

J.H. Staffordshire

How fantastic you are to share your knowledge and information from your experiences in writing. I am so very grateful, it will help me no end now, and in years to come. I will be back to enjoy the caring way you teach. You inspired me. I can do this. I will do this. Thank you so very much.

L.W. Peterborough

You encouraged me by noting elements in my writing which (apart from some factual accounts) normally remains unseen. I admire the way you have built your life and are helping others, and will try to remember your teaching while I am labouring over writing for my descendants.

B.C. Taunton

I didn’t know what to expect but the course has been great. You have given us the foundations and templates and now it is over to us. Many thanks.

J.H. Poole

Thank you Chrissie, you are an inspiration.

L.P. Warwickshire

Thank you for a wonderful learning experience in creative writing. You are a Wonder Worker.

M.K. Surrey

You’re a wonderful tutor and a great inspiration. Many thanks.

P.L. Northamptonshire

Onwards and upwards with your advice ringing in my ears. Thanks.

A.O. Bedfordshire

A great week. Many thanks.

M.K. Surrey