For you

Our life story writing days are designed to give you the help you need to begin writing and organising your own unique life story in the way that is right for you.

Researchers say it’s good for us to reminisce, and we help you to do that, working either with a small group of like minded people, a family group, couples, partners, or in one to one sessions.

We’ll work with you as you recapture your memories of grandparents, and tales you heard about the lives of the older generation of your family in years gone by. We’ll support you while you write memories of your own life, childhood; school days; working life, and family life. The ordinary and the extraordinary.
Writing your life story adds a new personal dimension to your family history project. It’s a wonderful way of passing on your family’s unique heritage, and showing the next generation that you care.

Our life writing days are designed to be enjoyed, giving you ‘time out’ to relax in comfortable surroundings as you write and organise your project. We provide all the folders, stationery and inspiration you’ll need, and our day courses includes drinks, delicious lunches, desserts and afternoon teas – everything you need to make your day a memorable experience.

Life Story Writing is suitable for all ages, no experience of writing is needed, our venues are accessible, and we are happy to cater for special dietary needs.

For the community

Being part of a community life story writing group is a wonderful enjoyable and therapeutic occupation. Life story writing projects bring short term and long term social and economic benefits to the health and well-being of the individual and the community by helping to eliminate feelings of boredom, isolation and depression.

Guided life story writing groups stimulate conversation on a wide variety of topics. Group dynamics generate meaningful interaction, establishing common ground and developing an increased awareness of other people as individuals.

Attending a life story writing group offers a new and interesting purpose for participants, providing a forum where new friendships and sustainable support networks can develop. Groups are encouraged to focus on the positive. Putting things into perspective, gaining strength from memories of personal resilience, facing difficulties and emerging stronger and wiser. Participants feel useful to their families, they have an important job to do, a unique story to tell, worthy of being documented and celebrated.

Community life story writing courses can create intergenerational liaisons with schools, and working partnerships with libraries, charities, local history groups, family history research groups, and local museums. They present opportunities to capture information for local and national social history researchers, and can also provide access to valuable resources, photographs; documents; personal memorabilia; artefacts and stories which might otherwise have been lost.

Life story writing is suitable for all ages, no experience of writing is needed, our venues are accessible, often by public transport, we welcome carers and we are happy to cater for special dietary needs.

Course fees for community groups vary according to venue and numbers of participants – please contact us.

About us


Chrissie Hall is a specialist life writing facilitator with many years experience of writing and tutoring creative writing. She is a founder member and Co-Chair of Derbyshire Scriptwriters.

Qualified with a first class B.A. (Hons.) in Literatures in English and Experience of Writing, with work published broadcast and performed locally nationally and internationally, in magazines, newspapers, radio and television. She has worked as a Scriptwriter for the BBC 1 continuing drama ‘Doctors’, was a team member on the BBC’s first online team written sit.com, Project Co-ordinator for Sustained Magic Theatre Company, and Literature Officer for the East Midlands at Arts Council England.

Writing buddies

For some courses we will be joined by ‘writing buddies’, or assistants, qualified and experienced to work with adults, providing help including one to one student support.


Kate Craven B.Sc. (Hons.) Former Adult Social Worker

Richard Douglas Hall B.A. (Hons) C.I.P.D

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