Creative Writing Day Workshop – Characters Come First

Thank you to all the writers who attended this day workshop. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did and that the editing exercise ‘homework’ worked out well.

Great venue – it wasn’t only those characters you created who were ‘unforgettable ‘- the trifle was unforgettably delicious too. Thank you



Think of any great story and what you remember first are the characters.

Love them, despise them or be terrified of them – if you’re a writer you’ll wish you created them. This is a practical one day workshop and we’ll be working together to create our characters by observing and participating in a variety of fun exercises using performing arts techniques to develop our ‘dramatis personae’.

The best thing about beginning your story with carefully created well-developed characters is that they take over and suggest their own plots!

By the end of this workshop everyone will have given birth (ouch!!) to some interesting characters and allowed them to create their own plots.

No experience of writing is required, beginners are welcome and this workshop is suitable for those interested in writing short stories, sketches plays or novels