Have You Ever Thought About Writing Your Life Story

What a great way to spend a Bank Holiday weekend! Thank you to everyone for working so happily together – what an amazing group of life writers
Thank you to the couple who shared their life experiences with us, from childhoods in northern England, to working life in Belarus, and canal boating back in the UK.

We climbed trees, so high that we saw Dinky Cars on the ground below and admired the book researched and written by a student using a wonderful archive of letters sent between her parents separated during the 2nd WW.

We heard about dens in Holly bushes and road trips in the USA. As we browsed ephemera and studied photographs two students were surprised and delighted to discover that they had attended the same primary school. What a happy co-incidence.

We wrote about our names, and nicknames, naval careers, close encounters with celebrities, some overwhelming, some underwhelming. We heard about nursing in a Leprosy Centre, culture clashes, family fall outs and family reunions. We identified family heirlooms in photographs and acknowledged the skill of a women lace-maker and recalled her story. We heard of a Caribbean island childhood, and a family history involving famous names, cotton, sugar and limes, and a house with a long history and a hint of slavery. We heard about Palestine and passports and so much more about culture, family and lifestyles.

So much to write about, all unique and fascinating. From the international to the personal, details of haircuts, hair washing and hair styles … those who were there will recall our time together with big smiles. It was a privilege to meet and work with you. Keep writing.

Writing your life story or memoir with a specialist life story writing facilitator and a supportive group of like-minded people is a wonderfully reflective and enjoyable occupation.

This course is relaxed, friendly and informal, designed to give you all the help and inspiration you need to plan, write and organise your own unique life story, creating an enduring record of your life and times.



Contact Chrissie@lifestorywriting.co.uk for course information and Denman College 01865 391991 for booking information.