Creative Writing for Beginners

Thank you to the hard working and talented students who joined me for this course at Denman.

We enjoyed discovering various creative prompt ideas together, and finding out which ‘genre’ of creative writing best fitted our different personalities, interests and life styles.

We worked on short stories, and for those of us who liked the idea of ,researching we delved a little into the ‘business’ of writing illustrated articles. We ‘gave birth’ to an interesting group of characters early on the course. Anxious Jenny, in her quest for a perfect cup of tea, and a perfect companion with whom to enjoy it. We were happy to share her enthusiasm for tea, (and cake) but did wonder if it might be a better idea to seek a perfect G&T instead. We were pleased when Jenny diversified and discovered a perfect library where she wrote a perfect best seller.

We were in awe of energetic Eleanor, who failed to get into the police force and as a result dedicated herself to her ambitious Plan B. She excavated a ‘bat cave’ style cavern under her home, filled it with top techie stuff (details too secret to be divulged) and devoted herself into using it to track down domestic abusers and bring them to justice. Eleanor, we’re with you on that. Thanks for entertaining us with your ideas S.

We warmed to young Henry, seventeen and under pressure from his mother to study for a ‘suitable profession’. University wasn’t part of Henry’s plan – horses and the countryside pursuits were. While helping out on a country estate the lady of the house sent Henry to stable yard flat to retrieve her riding whip from the bedroom. Henry discovered more than he anticipated, including that not all whips are equestrian, and finds evidence which convinces him that his father had also visited the bedroom in the stable yard flat! Your character was a hit with us J.

We sympathised with Janet, the long suffering 40-year-old redhead reading in the garden and longing for a foreign holiday with blue skies and sunshine all the way. Husband John had other ideas – walking in Scotland in June was on his agenda, but Janet hates the idea of rain, and midges! We also loved the beginning of what could be developed as a memoir, taking us to sunny Italy, past the galleries and shops, over the honey coloured bridge and through the market in Florence. Thanks S for giving us a taste of Italian sunshine and that beautiful city.

Phoebe looked like the elegant self confident young woman she longed to be, but behind that welcoming smile she struggled to meet her own expectations. A chance encounter with a man in a bar excites her, but he rushes away suddenly after taking a note of her phone number. While wondering if he will call Phoebe finds what she believes is his wallet in her bag. There’s nothing inside, apart from a thousand pounds. What happens next …. keep writing L!

We were delighted to welcome Anupreet Jeetan, Head of Denman, to one of our sessions, and thank him for joining in the fun of a photoshoot with us.




Creative writing is therapeutic, relaxing and good for us, it enhances well-being and boosts self-confidence. Find out how music, location, colours, song, essential oils the weather and the seasons can be used as creative prompts for writing. Whether you’ve never written anything but shopping lists before, or whether you’ve been a secret scribbler for years, escape to Denman and take time out to experience the gentle joys of creative expressive writing and find your own unique inner creative voice.

You could begin a journal, a short story, a memoir or a novel. You might want to try your hand at feature writing or script writing, rediscover the gentle art of letter writing, become a diarist or explore your poetic self. So many genres of creative writing, and each one is a different skill. But which are best suited to your personality, your interests and your lifestyle? Find out as you learn the inside story and discover exactly what each genre involves. Try out some pieces of guided writing and share your work with a small supportive group of like-minded people; nurture your writerly talents and see how they’ll blossom.

This course is relaxed and friendly, men and women are both equally welcome and it is suitable for everyone, especially those with no experience of creative writing.

Price includes a comfortable ensuite room with tea/coffee making facilities and varied menus offering a selection of delicious meals, including buffet style cooked breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, tea in the afternoon, and a three course evening dinner with coffee/tea