Going East, Audio Trail Script

Chrissie is thrilled to have been commissioned by Magna Vitae to write a site specific soundscape script for the East Lindsey Audio Trail project.

Lincolnshire has miles of wonderful coastline to explore, sand dunes and beautiful clean golden sandy beaches, perfect locations for family seaside holidays, now and in the past.

In Derby, the English town furthest from the sea, around one hundred miles away from those glorious Lincolnshire beaches, when industry closed for ‘Royce’s Fortnight’ at the end of July the town emptied and every family who could afford a holiday were ‘Going East’. They travelled by bus, train, car, motorbike, or like my family, in a noisy convoy of motorbike and sidecar combinations. The holiday makers stayed in boarding houses or holiday camps, but caravans have always been the first choice for the quintessentially English seaside family holiday.

Chrissie will be writing the audio trail soundscape story of unique 1950s craftsman built bespoke caravan, and generations of the family who loved it, loved Mablethorpe’s glorious golden sands, and still do!