Past Courses + Events

Performance – ‘The Women from Number 17′

The Woman from Number 17 (pdf) A superb evening, thank you to all the guests and VIP’s for being such an appreciative audience, and thanks to the actors for their amazing performances. The ‘Unexamined Lives’ local history project, funded by the Heritage Lottery, will be celebrating an amazing three years of community engagement with an … Read more

Unexamined Lives – There’s no Such Thing as an ‘Ordinary’ Life.

Thank you to all the visitors to Erewash Museum who added their stories to those featured in the exhibition. Special thanks to SJ for sharing her story. SJ visited the Unexamined Lives exhibition with S her young son and baby daughter. She lives locally and is a regular visitor to the Museum. I had brought … Read more

All Write Erewash ‘Art in an Empty Shop’ Free workshops

Thank you to all the participants who came to the rEvive shop to ‘Write Something – Make Something’ as part of All Write Erewash. We had a great time talking, writing and trying out new arty things – and we all surprised ourselves with what we achieved. The project reached so many people with the … Read more

Summer Writing Retreat

Thank you to all the talented writers who came on this summer writing retreat. You made it a truly memorable event and covered an amazing amount of work. We had a wonderful time working on a fascinating variety of projects, biographies, memoirs, children’s stories, articles – so many different genres. Wishing you all every success … Read more

Creative Writing – Characters Come First

Thank you to all you talented writers for working together to make this practical course such fun. You created some really exciting characters – wishing you all every success with your creations – keep writing and keep in touch. — Think of any great story and what you remember first are the characters. Love them, … Read more

Have You Ever Thought About Writing Your Life Story?

Thank you to all the lovely and talented students who worked so happily together writing their life stories. An unforgettable week. Special congratulations to Life Story Writing student and inspirational poet Mary Collins on the publication of her wonderful poetry collection ‘Sunshine and Shadows’, (£5) all proceeds to reg. charity Neuroendocrine Tumour (Nets) Patient Foundation … Read more

Derbyshire Eisteddfod

W.I. Centenary – selection of winning entries 100 Presidential Perils (or thereabouts) – by Adele Abbott, Duffield Cumberhills What if the speaker doesn’t turn up? Or if he does and no one is interested in Conservation around the Thames Barrier? Or, if he turns out to be a carrier Of some dreadful lurgy, and everyone … Read more

“Number 17″

Number 17 – a hundred year history of a Borrowash house. Chrissie’s commission was to write a play using every ‘custodian’ who had lived at Number 17, an Edwardian Villa in Borrowash, to capture the social, economic and personal circumstances affecting families and individuals throughout the 100 year history of the house. The script was … Read more

Creative Writing Workshop – Living with BPD

Thank you to all the talented and creative participants who joined us at Borderline Arts for this one day creative writing workshop. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and best wishes to you all with your writing projects Look forward to working with Borderline Arts again in the future. — On … Read more

Judging Short Stories and Poems – Derbyshire Eisteddfod

The long awaited folder of stories and poems has been delivered and Chrissie is about to begin judging and writing critiques for categories 1 and 2 of the Derbyshire Eisteddfod, a year long event celebrating the Centenary of the W.I. The Eisteddfod is an inspired idea from Derbyshire Federation linking the Centenary Celebrations back to … Read more

Winter Writing Retreat

Thanks Denman for hosting this Retreat and what a perfect place for it. We had a great time, with comfortable accommodation, superb food and a talented group of creative writers who enjoyed writing, editing, sharing and commenting on memoirs, short stories, novels and poetry projects. Denman will be hosting a Summer Writing Retreat in 2016 … Read more

Chilling Tales for Winter Nights

From Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas Past, to Christmas Guardian Angels, stories with a supernatural or super-spiritual theme are always popular at this time of year. Join us for this new creative writing workshop where we will consider a traditional and then a contemporary ghost/supernatural short story, consider why we like them, then set … Read more

Writing Letters for Pay

Many magazines and newspapers offer cash or gifts for letters, jokes, personal anecdotes and household tips they publish. It’s a great way to develop your writing skills, and get published. We’ll enjoy looking at the different types of letters, styles and subjects preferred by various publications and start writing. Once you begin sending off your … Read more

Have You Ever Thought About Writing Your Life Story?

Thank you to all ten enthusiastic and talented students who were writing their life stories / memoirs on this Suffolk East Federation course. We had lots of fun and a happy productive time together and a ballet lesson! That’s definitely a first on a Life Story writing course and special thanks to our charming ballerina … Read more

Judge – Memoir Writing Competition

Chrissie is judging Erewash Writers 2015 Memoir Writing Competition – having some lovely afternoons sitting in the sunshine enjoying reading and writing critiques for these 1000 words memoir pieces, some spanning many years, others capturing something which lasted for only one memorable evening. The variety of styles and memories is amazing. Lots of smiles, some … Read more

Erewash rEvive Art in an Empty Shop – add on!

In the summer of 2014 shoppers on Bath Street dropped in to the rEvive shop (former Burton’s outfitters on Bath Street Ilkeston and shared their ‘life stories’. In the Autumn we formed a happy collaboration with local artist/maker Julie Genner ( and used our stories to create a lasting legacy for ourselves and the wider … Read more

Have You Ever Thought About Writing Your Life Story?

Thank you to all twelve of the lively and talented students who began writing their life stories on this course. We had a wonderful time, sharing lots of laughter and a few tears too. It was a very special few days – we wanted to ‘stowaway’ and stay in that inspirational creative ‘Denman bubble’. — … Read more

Centenary Stories

We shared a wealth of great stories – lovely talented fun-loving and enthusiastic group of W.I. members. Whether you’ve been a member for a month or half a century, there’s a wealth of tales and special memories waiting to be written about your life and times within the WI. The meetings, the trips, the events, … Read more

Liberate Project

Well done Tupton Hall School creative Y9′s – lots of talent. Thanks for your enthusiasm. Thanks to library staff for hosting this event and Tupton Hall School school staff for their support. “I liked how we did the fast drawing tasks which tested your creativity and imagination.” “The workshop showed me that I do want … Read more